Just one minute from the perfect beach

Only 100 metres to go and you already have your feet on the sand.
For you, all the peace and quiet of a private beach.

In Cattolica, like in the rest of the Riviera, the beach is where visitors and locals alike spend their time. The beach is at the centre of everything, from sunbathing, to fitness, wellness and sport. It is a pleasant meeting place to make new friends, sip a good aperitif and enjoy an exciting sunset. Hence, for years now, the Hotel Cormoran has provided its guests with a private beach.

Reaching your location between beach-bed and sun-umbrella is very simple. Just walk along the short road which divides the beach from the Hotel. On the beach, you will find comfortable changing cabins and rooms at disposal and the rates are really affordable for guests. Compared to other beaches, which are often very crowded, the Cormoran beach has large spaces between the rows of sun-umbrellas, to ensure the privacy of guests and plenty of peace and quiet.

For the past eleven years, the beach of Cattolica has been awarded the renowned  Blue Flag certification. This is a major European guarantee as regards the cleanliness of the sea and the excellence of bathing facilities.

At the Hotel Cormoran, life on the beach becomes a totally carefree and relaxing experience.