Relax in a large expanse of blue water

The swimming pool splits into three: semi-Olympic pool, whirlpool and children’s area

At the Hotel Cormoran of Cattolica, besides having the sea nearby, the swimming pool is also within diving distance.
Every time you want to sunbathe or take a regenerating dip you don’t even have to leave the hotel because the outdoor area is fully equipped with sun deck and large swimming pool.
Go out and lie in the sun: a sunbed is already there waiting for you, for precious moments of sweet idleness.

During the summer heat, a regenerating swim is just what you need and it’s even better when, stroke after stroke, you extend every muscle in your body. This beneficial effect is guaranteed thanks to the device for swimming against the current: the water lifts you up pleasantly while you slide along like a dolphin.
That’s why the Hotel Cormoran invites its guests to its  Olympic pool complete with chute and diving board.

If you want your relaxation neat, there’s a jacuzzi with heated whirlpool. Sitting in the warm water in the sunshine is a wonderful feeling.
The air jets massage your skin and tone it up, like in the best spas.

And for the kids? There’s a shallow water area, just right for them.
This is a paradise for playing and splashing in total safety, always under the careful, watchful eye of the bathing attendant.