Cattolica and roundabout

Thanks to its clean beaches and numerous events and activities, which every year attract thousands of tourists, Cattolica rightfully bears the name of “Queen of the Adriatic”

Waiting to be discovered in the surrounding countryside are:

  • Torriana, amid nature and legends
  • Gemmano, where the countryside plays lead role
  • San Leo, Cagliostro’s prison
  • Santarcangelo, the festival town
  • Verucchio, a major archaeological site
  • Faenza, a city of legendary origin
  • Mercatino Conca – Montegrimano, a land long disputed
  • Gradara, the capital of the middle-ages
  • Valconca, the green hills of Romagna
  • San Marino, from the top of Mount Titano
  • Urbino, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • San Bartolo Park, nature as far as the eye can see
  • Loreto and its sanctuary
  • Frasassi, and its wonderful caves
  • Ravenna, three times capital